Yingge Ceramics Museum

The Yingge Ceramics Museum is the first professional museum wholly dedicated to ceramics.  We devote to survey, gather, preserve, and maintain Taiwanese ceramic culture for the purposes of research, collection, exhibitions, and education.  The museum is working under three approaches: to represent ceramic culture locally, nationally, and internationally.  The long-term goals for the next five years are developing the local culture in an international setting.  While promoting the Yingge ceramic enterprises and local image, the museum also encourages international culture exchange.  We provide the application of Artist-in- Residence Program and the solo exhibition for the ceramics artists from around the world. Behind the museum, the Ceramics Park demonstrates the diversity of ceramics.  In addition to providing an outdoor exhibition space for the artworks, it also combines the earth, water, and plants to show the balance between human creations and nature.