NCECA Annual Conference


March 19-22, 2014 Milwaukee, WI
Material World

Wisconsin Center
400 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53203

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beginning at noon on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.



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Material World
, NCECA’s 48th Annual Conference in Milwaukee, WI in 2014, will be dedicated to the investigation of the complex ways that materials acquire meaning through the things that we make and those that surround us in our daily lives. Exhibitions and programs will expand on traditional definitions of fine and decorative arts, craft and design in the context of the 21st century.

The material world has the ability to cause an interruption in our presumed understanding of something, as it is literally impossible to ignore. The weight of a cup, the thin layers of glaze on a surface and the weight of sculpture all mediate a relationship between the object and viewer.  While we make things, things have the ability to make us as well, influencing our understanding of place, time and culture.

Thematically, Material World will explore the moment when an object stands out against the backdrop of the world in which it exists and is able to be seen and understood in surprising and new ways.


Theaster Gates
Theaster Gates
Yamaguchi, Soul Manufacturing Corporation and A Potter Named Dave. The Need for Blackness Within Contemporary Ceramics

Roundtable Discussion:
Brooke Davis Anderson, Theaster Gates,
Erica Rosenfeld Halverson, Chris Staley [m], and Bill Strickland
Handle as Bridge: Creativity, Learning and Purpose

Randall Session

Leslie & The Ly's Live: Dance Blaster 1,000

Closing Lecture
Cynthia Bringle

Demonstrating Artists
Ayumi Horie
Michelle Erickson
Ching Yuan Chang
Kelly & Kyle Phelps

More Presenters:

Ann Agee
Brooke Davis Anderson
Linda Arbuckle
Christen Baker
Mary Barringer
Jackie Battenfield
Randall Becker
Zimra Beiner
Jason Bennett
Cynthia Bringle
Renee Brown
Leanne McClurg Cambric
Jeff Campana
Cornelia Carey
Ben Carter
William Carty
Ching-Yuan Chang
Janice Chassier
Wen-Hung Chen
Debra Chronister
Donald Clark
Tony Clennell
Laura Cohen
Mark Cole
Cindy Cooper
Allison Craver
Henry Crissman
Seth Czaplewski
Christopher Delloiacono
Kim Dickey
John Dorsey
David S. East
Jill Engel
Carole Epp
Michelle Erickson
James Ferrante
Alison Ferris
Adam Field
Teri Frame
Tommy Frank
Stephen Futej
Julia Galloway
Theaster Gates
Meaghan Gates
Amber Ginsburg
Melissa Gohman
Mel Griffin
Bill Griffith
Liz Hafey
Leslie Hall
Erica Rosenfeld Halverson
Lisa Hammond
Fred Herbst
Keith Hershberger
Mark Hewitt
Alex Hibbitt
Seana Higgins
Clara Hoag
Al Holen
Ayumi Horie
Stephen Hoskins
Nichole Howard
Robert Hunter
Jeremiah Ibarra
Kevin Kao
Linda Keck
Kathy King
Ellen Kleckner
Michael Kline
Brian Kluge
Joe Kraft
Ryan Krippendorf
Joshua Kuensting
Wen Yi Kung
Allan Laird
Jo Lauria
Haejung Lee
Jia-haur Liang
Simon Levin
Lauren Mabry
Frank Mariano
Herb Massie
Meredith McGriff
Ryan Myers
Craig Nutt
Joan Takayama-Ogawa
Tina Owen
Bruce Pepich
Larry Percy
David Peters
Jarred Pfeiffer
Kelly Phelps
Kyle Phelps
Sandi Pierantozzi
Katrina Rattermann
Meg Roberts
Tim Rowan
Paul Sacaridiz
Amanda Salov
Heather Sattler
Michael Schael
Beyvan Schantz
Ezra Shales
Grace Sheese
Adam Shiverdecker
Rebecca Sive
Lauren Skelly
Mark Skudlark
Jeffrey Spahn
Tom Spleth
Chris Staley
Mary Ann Steggles
Bill Strickland
Zach Tate
Leonard Todd
Alida van Almelo
Michael Andrew Ware
Aaron Weaver
Charity White
Rhonda Willers
Elenor Wilson
Tara Wilson
Merrie Wright
Richard Wukich
Xia Zhang
Valerie Zimany


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