NCECA Annual Conference

March 25-28, 2015 Providence, Rhode Island 
Lively Experiments 

NCECA is committed to the exhibition and expansion of contemporary ceramic practice including diverse approaches that range from utilitarian and designed objects to sculpture, installations, site-specific and performative events.

A member driven organization, NCECA is enriched by the innovation and vision that emerges from our community to present ceramic art of the highest caliber in the form of Concurrent Exhibitions (CEs). CEs represent an important feature of NCECA’s Annual Conference experience bringing high visibility to the work of participating artists. Moreover, NCECA’s efforts to site and promote IEs expand awareness of and engagement with ceramic art for audiences that travel to and reside throughout the conference’s host region.

NCECA promotes exhibitions through the conference guide and scheduled bus tours that bring attendees to many of the exhibitions. While NCECA makes efforts to cluster the shows within art/ cultural districts to maximize viewer attendance, it is not able to guarantee that all exhibition venues will be included on tour routes.

2015 Exhibitions Focus
NCECA seeks CE proposals that have conceptual resonance with Lively Experiments, the theme of NCECA’s 49th Annual Conference centered in Providence, Rhode Island. This theme celebrates the spirit of individual freedom and tolerance that were core to Rhode Island’s founding charter, setting a stage for social and historical change that echoed in other colonies and informed America’s Declaration of Independence, Constitution and ultimately the Bill of Rights. Experiments may take root in obscure places at seemingly inconsequential moments. They become lively when we learn that the issues and concerns under investigation connect with the interests and imaginations of others. Lively Experiments become richer as different perspectives make contact. NCECA’s annual conference has earned a reputation worldwide as a premier event for ceramic art drawing thousands each year. Lively Experiments will join ceramic art’s historic engagement with empirical research and discovery to today’s evolving creative commons. 

Proposals are welcomed from artists at various stages in their careers. Active membership in NCECA is a requirement for the person submitting the exhibition proposal whether as an exhibition organizer whose work is included in the exhibition or as a curator whose work is not included in the exhibition. Other artists included in the proposal are not required to be members of NCECA at the time the proposal is submitted.

Review Process and Selection Criteria
A committee including NCECA’s Exhibitions Director, On-Site Conference Liaison and one or more recognized experts from the conference region will review and select CE proposals. NCECA’s Onsite Conference Liaisons work to match approved proposals with potential host venues. Criteria for selection will include the following:

Application Process

All proposals and accompanying support materials must be submitted online by midnight of January 15, 2014 (Mountain Time). 

Proposal Notification and Placement Process
Stage 1
The NCECA exhibitions review committee will make an initial selection of proposals from this pool. Successful proposals from this stage of the application process will be matched with host organizations. Notification of initial proposal results will be sent to all applicants by February 28 2014.

Stage 2
NCECA’s On-Site Conference Liaisons in Providence will begin to present potential venues in the conference region with selected exhibition proposals. Host venues working with the on-site conference liaisons, will make final decisions on the placement of accepted Concurrent Exhibitions. NCECA cannot guarantee placement of every proposal approved in the review process.

NCECA will notify applicants of exhibition placement outcomes in the summer through the fall of 2014. Artists and host venues are responsible to come to agreement on specific details and coordination of exhibitions. NCECA will no longer be directly involved in this process after host organizations begin to negotiate and plan individual shows. These details will be clearly explained in letters sent to the submitters of selected proposals.

Basic Requirements for Artists and Venues
NCECA expects that all Concurrent Exhibitions will maintain levels of professionalism and be accessible to the public during all hours that are provided to the NCECA office for publication in the conference app and exhibition guide. Signage, labels and price lists (except in instances where works are not available for purchase) are basic requirements of all Concurrent Exhibitions. Exhibitions must be fully installed and open to the public beginning Tuesday, March 24 and must remain on view until 5pm on the closing day of the conference, Saturday, March 28, 2015. Please consider withdrawing your proposal if you are not prepared to meet these essential terms.

Terms and Limitations
NCECA does not provide direct financial support to individual exhibition proposals. It will make the utmost effort to highlight concurrent exhibitions to conference attendees and the general public through NCECA’s website, print exhibition guide, conference app and other communications.  Shuttle and excursion busses may not be able to include stops at all concurrent independent exhibitions. The On-Site Conference Liaison will work with the transportation provider to develop routes that permit access to a high number of high impact venues within route duration and geographical limits.

Exhibition proposals that are submitted through the CE process but not selected may still seek venues in the conference region. If matched with a venue and paperwork is completed on time, these exhibitions may be included in promotional guides as locally generated or other exhibitions.

Those organizing exhibitions independently of NCECA’s CE process may choose to pay a promotional fee in order to be listed in NCECA’s promotional materials.

2015 CE Review Committee

Leigh Taylor Mickelson
NCECA Exhibitions Director 2015-17
Executive Director, Clay Art Center- Port Chester, New York

Kate Blacklock
Artist and educator living and working in Providence, Rhode Island

Seth Rainville
Potter, educator and curator living and working in Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Jay Lacouture
2015 NCECA On-Site Conference Liaison, potter, and Professor at Salve Regina University