Shared Journeys II Reflections

NCECA expresses its deepest gratitude to Shoji Satake, Boomer Moore, Bob Anderson and the exceptional administration and students of West Virginia University, Morgantown. The professionalism, hospitality and helpfulness they shared with the 185+ participants and presenters involved in the Shared Journey’s II symposium that took place from October 14-16, 2011 made the experience informative and enriching for all. The event drew a wide demographic of participants ranging in age from teens through NCECA Honors and Fellows including Val Cushing, Glen Blakley, Marlene Jack and Jay Lacouture who had the distinct pleasure of introducing the keynote lecture by his daughter, Elizabeth Lacouture, a professor at Colby College in Maine. The geographical range of participants was also apparent. While the greatest number of participants came from the mid-Atlantic Region others came from as far away as California, Montana, Utah, North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana. Anchoring the program were demonstrating artists from China, Professors Lv Pinchang (CAFA), and Li Chao (JCI) along with Master Overglaze Decorator Feng Shangjin, Master Thrower Zhan Shaolin and Master Trimmer Dai Guangyu. Other presenters from the US included Bill Strickland, Val Cushing, John Neely, Dryden Wells, Dan Murphy and Joe Molinaro. Thanks to a National Endowment for the Arts Consortium grant made to Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild to develop partnership opportunities with West Virginia University, guest artists from Jingdezhen were able to participate in outreach demonstrations for Pittsburgh high school students in the days prior to the symposium. Highly prominent among NCECA’s goals for its programs is to connect with members through shared experiences that are meaningful, genuine and thought provoking. Unsolicited comments from participants like the following indicate that these aspirations were achieved through Shared Journeys II symposium.

As I think we have all become accustomed to the non-stop hustle of NCECA, I particularly enjoyed the more intimate crowds and events of this weekend. Everyone seemed very engaged and comfortable throughout the entire schedule.

Thanks for a wonderful Conference. It was good to see Li Chao and the other artists again. I am glad you got to use them for I think they are amazing artists.

I enjoyed my visit to WVU for the Shared Journeys symposium. The program was well-organized and provided insights for attendees about the time-honored craft of Chinese ceramics.

Here are some images from the event:

Bill Jeff Lv Masters