Image Submission Guidelines

*Since your images may be used in a NCECA publication we need to have high quality JPG images (minimum 8" x 10" , resolution ppi/dpi 300). This is submittal for programming and the images can be used on our web site, program guide, Journal.

* Be sure that you are on a stable internet connection before uploading large images. (dial-up connections are not recommended.)

* Images need to be of reasonable size (under 2mb is good)

If you do not have image editing software, below are links to free online image editing applications:

The standard image details required on each image for all submittals:

  1. Title
  2. Brief image description
  3. Type of clay
  4. Firing / Decoration method
  5. Date
  6. Size
  7. Weight
  8. Insurance value
  9. Retail value


Loved the Baltimore exhibitions! (2005 Baltimore Conference Attendee) The clay exhibitions that are organized with the host cities are superb!
— 2006 Portland Conference Attendee